Beyond the Waters Edge Ministries

Wherever the river flows, life will flourish… Where the river flows, life

Ezekiel 47:9




For too long many in the Church have been standing on the shoreline – one foot in
the world and one foot in the Church. Jesus is calling His Body into a deeper walk
with Him as He prepares us for His return.
Are you ready to set out beyond the water’s edge and immerse yourselves in His
Great Plan?

Donna Kasur is an ordained minister and the founder of Beyond The Waters Edge Ministries. She gave her life to The Lord in 1987 and since then has served in almost every area of the church. Donna graduated from Canada Word of Faith
Bible School in Calgary and served as administrator of the Training Center in Red Deer for many years. She was instrumental in founding Canada Word of Faith Ministries and is a member of Impacting Canada Ministries.



Donna’s heart is to see churches rise up and operate in their God-given authority and power. She is passionate about Women’s ministry and loves to encourage and bring restoration to the Body of Christ.